This package contains problem sets from K. Imai (2017) 'An Introduction to Quantitative Social Science' Princeton University Press.

Unpacking a Problem Set

Typically, your instructor will assign you the name of a problem set, e.g. 'gay-marriage'. You can unpack the problem set into your local file system using get_pset, like this:


This will unpack the problem set materials into a folder called 'gay-marriage' in your current working directory. (Type getwd if you're not sure where that is. You can change it using setwd or through the graphical user interface).

Don't worry about typing the name wrong. If it's not recognized you'll get a menu of problem sets to choose from.

Starting Again

If you want to start again on the same problem set, you'll can unpack the problem set again under a different name (get_pset won't overwrite an existing folder.) To do this use the newname argument. If you want your new copy to be called 'gay-marriage-take2', then use

get_pset('gay-marriage', newname = "gay-marriage-take2")

Provided there's no 'gay-marriage-take2' folder already in your current working directory, you'll get a fresh problem set unpacked there.

Lists and Previews

To see the complete list of available problem sets, use list_psets.

If you want to preview the questions in a problem set without unpacking it into your file system, use preview_pset.