qss.student 0.2.2


  • The package now requires swirl, on the assumption students might also be using the qss-swirl course


  • get_pset now makes its own local temporary directory and deletes it after use to get around file.rename failing due to an “Invalid cross-device link” errors
  • Fixed typos in the get_pset advice and made it a bit more verbose

qss.student 0.2.1


  • Fixed reference and link to textbook in documentation
  • Added travis CI

qss.student 0.2.0


  • updated data from commit 9870a33 of kosukeimai/qss-inst


  • get_pset no longer setwd’s to the new problem set folder
  • get_pset allows unpacking under a new name
  • preview_pset opens a compiled pdf problem set without unpacking it locally
  • man pages rewritten assuming a student package user


  • Vignette explaining intended usage
  • New pkgdown website

qss.student 0.1.0

  • First cut