pol345.student allows students to unpack and complete questions in the pre-precept handouts for Princeton University’s course Politics 345 (as run by Marc Ratkovic and Will Lowe in Fall 2019).


The problem sets are a bit too big for CRAN, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the devtools package installed. Then grab the package from GitHub like this:



The package can be updated while installed by calling

For good measure, now restart your R session. In RStudio use the menu: Session > Restart R.


Working on a handout

To start work on handout one, type


This will unpack the handout materials into a folder called handout1 in your current working directory. (Type getwd() if you’re not sure where that is. You can change it using setwd or through RStudio’s Session menu).

If you want to fresh start on the same handout, you’ll can unpack again under a different name (the get_handout function won’t overwrite an existing folder.) To do this add a newname argument when y ou call the function. So, if you want your new copy to be called “handout1-for-real”, then use

get_handout(1, newname = "handout1-for-real")

Provided there’s not already a folder of that name in your current working directory, you’ll get a fresh set of handout materials unpacked there.

If you want to preview the questions in a handout materials without unpacking it into your local file system, use


Working on a precept

Working on precept is just the same; just use get_precept(1), get_precept(1, newname = "precept1-second-go"), or preview_precept(1) as above.

Sneak preview

You can view precept 1’s ‘answers’ with


Note: this shows one way to answer the questions. Often there will be others, so do not automatically assume that your code is incorrect if it does not match the code in the answers.


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