Simple cross-platform multilingual content analysis

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Screenshot of Yoshikoder

The Yoshikoder is a simple cross-platform multilingual content analysis program. You can use it to count words, create and apply content analysis dictionaries, highlight documents, and look at keywords in context.


You can find some dictionary and other resources at the old place.


To install, choose a version from the releases page appropriate for your operating system. Mac users without Java 1.8+ installed, or who just want to be sure should choose the ‘bundled’ version.


If you run into a bug you can tell me about it here.


There’s not much new lately as I’m working on R packages for text analysis instead. Mostly Quanteda and Austin.


If you’d like to refer to the package in written work (and you should) you can use this:

Will Lowe (2015) ‘Yoshikoder: Cross-platform multilingual content analysis’. Java software, version 0.6.5, URL https://conjugateprior.github.io/yoshikoder